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Most Networks, Inc FAQs

1. What type of technical services do you offer?

Most Networks can help you with all your computer and technical service needs
Our team of experienced professionals can help with all of your tech support needs.

We can assist you with almost all of your IT and technical requirements from design to setup to ongoing tech support. We manage the services for you leaving you free to run your business without the stress and headaches of trying to manage an increasingly technical business environment. Almost every business now depends on having the right technology in place to operate successfully .... from office based PC to remote users to mobile devices.

We have a wide range of services available for small to medium sized businesses as well as services and solutions geared towards enterprise level environments.

Our client base spans many different types of businesses and environments so for more information on how we can help you please call us at 212-965-5353 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

2. Do I need to sign a long term contract?

No. We generally recommend a fixed monthly fee instead of a per hour rate. This is easier to budget for and provides more value than an hourly rate service as it includes preventive maintenance and proactive monitoring. A fixed monthly fee also ensures there is no conflict of interest – technical support companies who charge you hourly are often motivated to work longer hours to bill as much as possible. With our fixed monthly fee it is in our interest to ensure your network works properly otherwise we are losing money. You are not bound by the contract to keep the service with us – you may leave on 30 days. notice.

However we have many satisfied, long term customers because we offer a great service at competitive rates. We are happy to provide you with references upon request.

3. What is the cost?

Most Networks can help you with all your computer and technical support needs
Our goal is a stable, finely-tuned, protected computer system for your business.

The rates are based on each particular client's requirements and level of support needed. The rates are based on a per device (server, PC, iPad etc) rate so you only pay for what you have in your business environment. This rate includes all ongoing network maintenance and consultations, but does not include major network changes (i.e. relocating to another office, completely redoing network configuration, switching from Microsoft to UNIX environment, etc.). An exception to this is a network overhaul, if required, upon signing of the contract, which is included at no additional cost.

Our pricing model is built upon the concept of us working as one with your business by eliminating a major conflict of interest, namely hourly billing. By taking this very simple step, we ensure your interest and ours is one and the same. Many consultants will try to sell a solution just to make the client pay for all that extra time, not us. When we offer our services to you we give you an estimate of how much will it cost to support your environment. If everything works the way it should then our clients are happy because they do not have problems with their computer systems, and we are happy because we can spend less time working on your support requests and more time on preventive maintenance and proactive monitoring.

On the other hand if your systems are not working the way they should then we have to spend more time and resources fixing it. So as you see our interests are the same – provide you with a stable, finely-tuned, protected system.

Based on our years of experience and our professional, expert staff we are confident in the level of service and satisfaction we provide to our many clients across all industry backgrounds. We do not require annual contracts – you may discontinue our services on a 30 days notice. It's that simple and easy.

We do also offer hourly rate contracts if you feel that would be better for your particular needs. Please call us directly at 212-965-5353 for more information.

4. Do you offer per project consulting?

Yes. Often for enterrpise projects we are brought on board to consult on and assist with a single large project such as a data migration. Please call us at 212-965-5353 if you are interested in discussing your project needs and how we may be able to assist.

5. Who is Most Networks, Inc?

Most Networks is a Microsoft Certified Partner

For over 18 years Most Networks has provided all types of computer consulting, network support and managed services to businesses in the New York tri-state area and beyond. Most Networks is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Partner, as well as a partner of other leading companies in the technology field like Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Linksys, On-Track, Novell and others. Becoming an authorized partner with well-respected companies like these is only for a select few. It takes a lot of professional expertise and knowledge, meeting or exceeding partner performance goals and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction to achieve such recognition.

Our staff are experienced, seasoned IT professionals with the skillsets needed to devise first-rate solutions customized to meet your company's technology requirements. Our application developers, network engineers, system architects, and IT project managers possess the industry standard certifications and real world experience needed to ensure we provide the best possible technology services to your business.

We have many years of Enterprise experience and providing or provided services to companies like Bank of New York, Mizuho Bank, Independence Bank, Christies, Prada and others.

We understand that technology is constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex so we are committed to investing in on-going training for our staff so that they are fully knowledegable of all the latest advances and how these changes can benefit your business from a technology perspective.

For all your technical service needs call us at 212-965-5353
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